MSOFBAuthenticationHandler Class


OWIN middleware that implements 'MS-OFBA' authentication protocol.

Provides fallback to MS-OFBA authentication if HTTP response code 302 (redirect to log-in page) has been issued after (failed) attempt to authenticate using other OWIN authentication middleware (i.e. cookie) that isn't supported by host (i.e. Microsoft Office application).

public class MSOFBAuthenticationHandler : AuthenticationHandler<MSOFBAuthenticationOptions>
System.Object → MSOFBAuthenticationHandler


MSOFBAuthenticationHandler(MSOFBAuthenticationOptions) Initializes a new instance of the MSOFBAuthenticationHandler class.


ApplyResponseChallengeAsync() Deal with 401 challenge concerns.
AuthenticateCoreAsync() The core authentication logic which must be provided by the handler. Will be invoked at most once per request. Do not call directly, call the wrapping Authenticate method instead.

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