Weavy.Web.Models Namespace



AboutModel View model for the about page.
AlertModel Class for pushing alert messages to the UI.
AppOptions An object used to configure apps from the client script.
AppsModel View model for configuring apps in a space.
AttachContentModel Model for attaching content to a parent space and/or content item.
AttachmentsModel Model for selecting existing attachment or uploading new attachment during rich text edit.
ClientData Return data when initializing the Weavy client script.
ClientOptions Options for initializing the Weavy client script.
ClientScriptOptions Configuration options for the Weavy loader script.
ClientViewModel An model class for editing clients.
ConfigurationModel Model for collecting configuring settings during setup.
ConversationIn Conversation input model.
CreateUserModel Model used when creating user accounts.
DirectoryModel View model for user directories.
ErrorModel View model for the error page.
FileRevisionsModel Class for displaying the revisions of a file.
HomeModel View model for home page.
LicenseModel View model for the managing license.
LinkLoginModel Model used when linking a login to an existing user.
MeetingAuthModel A class representing authentication status after authorization with a meeting provider
MeetingModel Model for creating new meetings
MeetingProviderSignOutModel Model for signing out from a meeting provider
MembersModel View model for the space members page.
MessageIn Message input model.
MoveContentModel Model for moving and attaching content to a parent space and/or content item.
NotificationsModel View model for notifications in user drawer.
OpenSourceProject A class describing an open source project.
PartialMeetingModel View model for displaying meeting partials as "attachments" to new message
PasswordModel Model used when changing password.
PasswordRecoveryModel Model used when recovering lost password information.
PasswordResetModel Model used when changing password.
PersonalModel View model for displaying account/personal information.
PollOptionUpsertModel View model for updating a specific poll option
PostInsertModel Post input model.
PostMoveModel Model for moving a post.
PostsViewModel View model for the Posts.
PostUpdateModel Viewmodel for updating a post
ProfileModel Model used when a user edits their own account/profile.
RegisterWindowsModel Model used when connecting a windows login to a local account.
RenameModel View model for renaming an entity.
RoleModel View model for role.
RouteModel Class that describes a route.
SetupAccountModel Model used when setting up a local account.
ShareIn Share input model.
SignInModel Model used when signing in with a local user account.
SortModel View model for sorting.
SpaceModel View model for the space start page.
SpaceOptions An object used to configure spaces from the client script.
TypingModel Data model for sending typing information in conversations.
UserModel Model used when creating/editing users.
VersionsModel View model for displaying the versions of a content item.
ZoomEvent A model representing a Zoom webhook event
ZoomEventPayload Model representing a web hook event payload
ZoomEventPayloadObject A model representing a payload


LinkActive Enum used for setting links to .active.