Weavy.Web.Api.Models Namespace



AttachedOut File attach/insert output model.
CommentIn Comment input model.
CommentUp Comment update model.
ContentOut Model for listing inserted and skipped files after upload.
ContentReplaceIn Model for keeping or replacing duplicates after uploading.
DeltaType> A class the tracks changes (i.e. the Delta) for a particular TEntityType.
DocumentIn New document input model.
EmbedIn Embed input model.
MembersIn Model for adding members to a space.
MemberUp Model for updating a space member.
MentionModel Object returned by mention autocomplete function.
NoteIn Note input model.
PostIn Post input model.
PostUp Post update model.
ScrollableList A wrapper around a PagedList for better JSON serialization.
TagsIn Model for tags.
ThemeOut Theme output model.
UploadIn File upload input model.
UsersGroupsModel Object returned by users and groups autocomplete function.