PostService Class


Service layer for posts.

public static class PostService
System.Object → PostService


Delete(int, bool) Permanently deletes a Post and associated data.
Get(int, bool, bool) Gets the specified Post.
GetOptions(int) Gets the poll options for the specified Post.
GetPosts(int, Query) Get messages posted to the specified app.
GetVoters(int) Gets the list of voters for the specified PollOption.
Insert(Post, App, IEnumerable, IEnumerable, IEnumerableOption>, IEnumerable, bool) Inserts a Post.
Move(int, App, bool) Moves a Post to another App.
Pin(int, int?, bool) Pin the specified post.
Restore(int, bool) Restores a trashed Post.
Search(PostQuery) Performs a search according to the specified PostQuery object.
Trash(int, bool) Sends a Post to the trash.
Unpin(int, bool) Unpin the specified post.
Update(Post, IEnumerable, IEnumerableOption>, IEnumerable, bool) Updates a Post.
Vote(int, int?, bool) Vote for the specified PollOption.