Weavy.Core.Plugins Namespace



ActiveDirectoryDaemon Syncs user and roles with Active Directory.
AuditHook A hook that logs all events in the system and notifies users about subscribed events.
BoxScraper Scraper for Box.
CleanupDaemon A daemon that performs cleanup tasks.
ClientSecretDaemon Periodically update client secrets to support multiple and rotating JWT signing keys.
GiphyScraper Scraper for Giphy.
IndexDaemon A daemon that adds entities to the fulltext index.
LicenseDaemon A daemon that checks various license related tasks.
NotificationDaemon A daemon that sends notification emails.
PresenceDaemon A daemon that keeps track of connections that the RealTimeHub has seen. It uses a time based system to verify if connections are *actually* still online.
PresenceHook A hook that sends presence updates to connected clients.
PushNotificationHook A hook that sends push notifications to mobile devices for new messages and notifications.
Scraper Default scraper that looks for embed data in the html source.
StatisticsDaemon A daemon that creates data points for displaying usage statistics.
UploadHook A hook that saves uploaded files to blob storage. Also creates thumbnails and extracts text for fulltext indexing (depending on configuration settings).
ZoomProxyDaemon A daemon that checks various license related tasks.