Class for handling internal/external navigation

Kind: global class

Instance members

.open(request) ⇒ Promise

Try to open an url in the app where it belongs. Automatically finds out where to open the url via a server call unless routing data is directly provided in a navigationRequest object.

Kind: instance method of WeavyNavigation
Resolved: When the request successfully is opened
Rejected: When the request can't be opened
request : string : navigationRequest

String Url or a navigationRequest object with route data.



Navigation event triggered when a page should be opened in another space or app.

Kind: event emitted by WeavyNavigation
Category: events
route : navigationRequest

Data about the requested navigation

Inner members

~navigationRequest : Object

The data for a navigation request. Some of the data is provided from the server just as meta data. It's received through the navigate event and can be passed into the open method.

Kind: inner typedef of WeavyNavigation
space : Object
space.id : int

The server generated id for the space

space.key : string

The key identifier the space

[space.name : string ]

The name of the space

app : Object
app.id : int

The server generated id for the app

app.key : string

The key identifier for the app

[app.name : string ]

The name of the app

entity : Object
entity.id : int

The server generated id for the item

[entity.type : string ]

The type of the item

url : string

The url to open

target : string

Recommended target to open the url in, for instance "overlay", which may oven the preview overlay.

var navigationRoute = {
  "entity": {
    "id": 203,
    "type": "content"
  "app": {
    "id": 2149,
    "key": "files",
    "name": "Files"
  "space": {
    "id": 1077,
    "key": "client-test-demo",
    "name": "Demo Space"
  "target": "overlay",
  "url": "/e/content/203"